As part of our new Inquiry unit, learning about the environment, our class watched a video about rubbish, and what happens to it. When we throw out a piece of rubbish in the bin, and when the garbage trucks come to collect the them, the trucks empty the bins in a transfer station. There, rubbish is sorted into big piles of waste, rubbish that can be recycled, and also a pile of things that can’t go to landfill. The remaining rubbish goes to Landfill. The idea of the transfer station is to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill. The waste at landfill is buried 16 metres underground. There can be 8 layers of rubbish stacked on top of each other, with a layer of soil in between. Once that area is filled in, trees, shrubs, and grass can be planted over it. As the waste decomposes, it generates “landfill gas”, which is made up of methane and carbon dioxide. People in other countries have started using methane as electricity, although, it is fairly new. Watching this video has really opened my eyes about where rubbish goes, and also to recycle as many things as I can.

The video: (BTN)

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