Sea Salps

240px-salpThe sea salp is a translucent and kind of glowy creature, native to Macquarie Island. It is one the least known creatures in the ocean. They are like jellyfish, but more so a huge chain of jelly-like critters. Unlike jellyfish, the sea salp is distantly related to humans. They often resemble a living diamond necklace floating in the water.

Each individual salp can be up to 10.16cm long, but the chains can be up 15 feet long – twice the size of the human body. Each individual Salp grows its own size, and is barrel shaped.

They pump water through their bodies to breathe, catch food, and move about. Sea salps eat everything they trap in their feeding net. The sea salp eat everything that they trap in their feeding net.

Sea salps are most common in cold temperatures seas, particularly in the Southern Ocean (near Antarctica). Its family is called “Salpidae”.  Sea salps are on of the most efficient in the animal kingdom.

Overall, the sea salp is a very interesting and weird creature roaming around in the ocean.



Translucent – See-through-like

Creature – An animal, distant from being a human

Critters – Living creatures / animals



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