Marine Debris

Marine debris is a massive ongoing issue that affects sea life because of us human’s unintelligent actions. Our social impacts are affecting our ecosystems. But what have we done? It’s not like we’ve done anything. It’s no big deal. Wrong! It is a huge deal.

When we buy all these unnecessary items that we just throw out, it goes straight to landfill. When it rains, the landfill gets filled with the water. The water absorbs all the poison that is coming from all the rubbish, and together they create “leachate”. The leachate kills the sea life.

Also, the sea life mistake littered plastic in the ocean as food. When they eat it, the sea creatures feel full, when they’re really not, so they starve to death. So, what can we do to prevent all of this horrific news? Well, first of all, don’t buy all these items that you won’t need. If you do need the items, and they are not necessary to you, then find a way to recycle them so they don’t go to landfill.

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