Term 3 Inquiry Reflection

This Term, the Seniors have been studying Australian history – government, politics, Parliament, voting, democracy.

I found voting especially interesting, with all of its history – women weren’t even allowed to vote! That’s changed now, though.

Democracy started in Athens, all the way back in 700 BC. “Demos” means people and “Kratos” means power to rule. Democracy is the equality of everyone being able to vote for politics and rights.

Also this Term, we researched a famous Australian involved in politics. I researched John Curtin, who was the first and only Prime Minister to represent Western Australia.

One of my favourite things this Term was taking a trip to Parliament House, in the city. We reenacted a scripted debate about if plastic bags should be banned or not.

Overall, this Term has taught me a lot and I think it will benefit me for later on in the future – later when I am old enough to vote.

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