Sports Article – 100m Sprint


Date: 14/8/16

The 100m Sprint

Can Usain Bolt Make It?

I have to admit, I was pretty hyped when I heard that Usain Bolt, one of the fastest men alive, would compete in the 100 metre sprint! I was very nervous at the start of the race, as the other competitors seemed nearly as fast.

Biting my nails I watched, all the competitors firstly racing each at the same amazing speed of light, in a column all together as they started to run. It was a close all – I personally thought he was going to get out -run by the other competitors. Though, just over halfway into the race, Usain Bolt sprinted like there was no tomorrow and won, winning with his time being just over 9 seconds!

I was so relieved when this happened that I let out a little cheer of joy.

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