Endangered Animal Rescuers

I woke up, to the sound of shouting.

“WAKE UP! We’re going to be late!” It was Angus. He is my business partner. We rescue endangered animals from out in the wild, sometimes throughout the world. Which reminds me, today is another day. Another day means another adventure, doing what we do best…


“What is it today, Angus?”, I said wearily.

“Peter, how could you forget?”, He replied.

“You’re right, how could I? It was the only thing you spoke about last month”

“Just get in the van!”



“So… which animal is it again?”, I said unsure as Angus started to drive.

“I’ll give you a clue: they’re your favourite animal”

“Pandas! Wooh!”

I wound down the window to get some fresh air. The wind blew our brown, thick wavy hair, as we headed to the airport.


Here we were, on the plane from Australia to China!

I love plane trips, the feeling of being high up in the sky. The flight took AGES, but we kept ourselves busy with books and magazines. By the time we got there, it was nearly 11:30pm. I really needed some sleep. After many attempts, I finally convinced Angus that we should settle into our hotel room and complete our mission tomorrow.


The next day, I surprisingly woke up early, even before Angus! I think it had something to do with me not being in my own bed. Taking advantage of this opportunity, it was my turn to wake up Angus, and give him a taste of his own medicine.


“WAKE UP!”, I shouted at the top of my lungs.

“What time is it?” he said confused, as he was usually the one to wake ME up.

“8:30”, I replied.


Once we had gathered our equipment ready and hopped into our car that we had hired, it was time for us to head off.

Next stop: the wild.


Into the wild we now were, ready to search for some pandas.

When we jumped out of the car, it was then when I had just realised that Angus had made a few adjustments to the car…


“What have you done?…”, I said suspiciously, “and when did you get time to do all this?”

“I have my ways…”, replied Angus very mysteriously.

He had practically demolished everything from the backseat, (including the seats) and he had even removed the boot! It had now been replaced with slide – up door. I suspected that with all that room in the “car”, it was the space for the pandas.


Since we had hired a pretty big car (a seven seater Ford Territory), I figured that it could fit at LEAST 2 pandas. Though, I had no idea how we were going to explain this to the airport managers. We were probably going to have to pay this HUGE fine or something big like that, especially since the car was so big which made it extra expensive.


“How are we going to get the pandas back to our zoo?”, I said, nearly as confused as I was with my first impressions of what the car had become.

“Meh. I’ll figure something out”, replied Angus, quite jolly.


It didn’t take much effort for us to attract the pandas into our “car”. In fact, we didn’t even need any of our equipment. The only thing we really needed was some bamboo, which we found in the wild. All we did was create a long trail using the bamboo, starting from inside the “so called car” and ending it a couple of metres out into the wild. All we had to do was wait. AGES. It felt like hours. Days. Months. Years even! Eventually, we attracted two pandas. Hey, two pandas are better than none!


Just when I thought that we had caught these pandas for nothing, Angus pulled out a remote and pressed a button. Suddenly, a HUGE gust of wind blew across our faces as a pair of wings shot out of the “car”. Angus pressed another button which made the slide – up door close.


“Hop in!”, he said cheerfully

“When did you get time to do this?” I shouted in amazement.

“I told you…”, Angus replied. “I have my ways!”

With my jaw dropped and shocked, I made my way over towards what now looked like an airplane. So we set off, back to Australia. I’m just glad that I wasn’t the one flying. I would’ve been stuffed! We had arrived back at nearly 1:00am, so I headed straight to sleep (in my nice warm bed this time) whilst Angus unloaded the “car”.


In the morning, Angus woke me up, AGAIN!

He had received a phone call from China airport…

“We have to pay a fine of $1,000,000!”

“WE!? You’re the one who stuffed up the car!”, I said innocently.

“Yeah, but – you – but -” Angus couldn’t think of anything to say.

“But what, Angus?”, I said with a smug look on my face.

“Nevermind…” Angus replied, now sounding a little disappointed.

“You know, we still have all that money from the time that our zoo opened!”, I said, trying to cheer Angus up.

“Really?! You would be willing to let ME use OUR money that we BOTH earnt TOGETHER?!”, Angus said cheerfully.

“Hey, that’s what friends are for!”, I happily replied.
So once we had made the cheque and posted it all the way to China airport, life went back to the way it always is. More adventures, more animal rescuing, more of Angus waking me up!

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