Zoo Race: The Board Game

Today Angus and I made a board game as part of the student blogging challenge. We called it “Zoo Race”. I really enjoyed making this board game because we got to be creative and use our imaginations. We also really liked testing the board game with other people to get their feedback and honest opinion. Though, it wasn’t easy making the board game. We had to come up with the different animals that players would use as characters and also the different symbols on the board game that represent something either good or bad. This took a lot of time and effort. As challenging as making the board game was, it was still very enjoyable to make! 😀

Board Game:


Character Cards:

2 – 4 players MAXIMUM.

NOTE: Game is played using a dice. As many numbers show up on die when rolled, as many steps you move forward.

Angus’ blog: http://anguspsl.global2.vic.edu.au/

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