Why More P.E?

Sport, everyday of the week? No way. How would you feel having sport everyday? Schools should not have a P.E lesson everyday of the week. Although, we should at least have sport three times a week. Schools don’t do enough exercise weekly.


If we had a P.E lesson everyday, students wouldn’t have time to complete their school work, as most of it would be spent on physical education. eg. math, reading and writing is more important than sport.


Students would also feel very tired and wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what they are doing, especially if it requires thinking, eg. if people can’t think clearly, they could fail on an important test or on their homework.


Since doing a lot of exercise will help you to sleep better, students would sleep in for longer than they are supposed to and could be late for school.
Overall, there are many benefits of not having P.E every day, but three times a week!


  1. G’day Peter,
    My name is Rian Prestwich and I am a uni student who will be checking in on your student blogging challenge and inviting you to a conversation. Feel free to reply and ask me questions if you’d like.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog on the mandatory PE argument. I especially liked the use of a rhetorical question, the use of paragraphs and your final statement which was an alternative to the situation. How often do you participate in sport at your school?

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge, make sure you check back in regularly!
    – Rian

    You can view my blogs here:

  2. Dear Peter,
    I really liked your argument about P.E because you argued about both sides and I do agree there should be sport three times a week but I would like sport every day because I love sport.My favourite sport is soccer.


  3. Dear Peter,
    I really enjoyed your blog post and I totally agree on all the things you said. Especially how you included your opinions, What activities do you like to do in sport?
    Overall I think this blog post is awesome and keep up the good work, from Nick.

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