My Great Holiday!

Wow! What great holidays It’s been, filled with lots of different adventures. One of them happened over the first Saturday, Sunday and Monday of our break.

My family and I drove to our holiday house in Dromana. In Dromana, some of my highlights are when we went to the beach, the park and Rosebud. At the beach, I love jumping high up into the air off the cement of the footpath and onto the sand.

Three days flew by very quickly and over the rest of the holidays we mainly stayed home relaxing, and having catch ups with friends.

Though, I did go to the cinemas a few times and one of my favourite movies that I saw would have to be “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. It was an epic film and I would love to see it again but I did think that there were a few down sides to this movie.

I can’t believe How fast these holidays have gone by and I definitely can’t wait for the next ones! 😀


  1. Hi Peter, I really enjoyed reading your blog post,especially reading about you going to the movies. On my holidays I enjoyed going to the beach. Which movie was your favourite out of all of them you saw? Your Blog post was awesome, keep up the great work, From Nick

  2. G’day Peter, Sounds like your holidays were very fun! I loved seeing Kung Fu Panda 3 with you! How was batman vs superman? I haven’t seen it yet but I really do want to. Speaking of movies, who are you going for in Captain America Civil War? Iron Man or Captain America. In my opinion I think Iron Man will win! Hope you have an awesome year!
    From Piers

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