Who Am I?

I am artistic. Billy is the name of my very cute dog. I am very excited most of the time and my friends would say I am quite funny. A book series that I am currently enjoying is GOOSEBUMPS and a show that I have been watching on TV is “Here Come The Habibs”. Ice cream is one of my favourite desserts (especially on hot days)! My dad’s name is John. I don’t really like to play as Donkey Kong in Mario Kart Wii for some reason. In my spare time I like to build LEGO. My Mum’s name is Maria and my brother’s name is Nick. Overall my favourite animals are pandas. I am never quiet unless I don’t feel like talking (which doesn’t happen very often!) or if I feel sad. I like to relax and watch my favourite YouTube channel, SMOSH. When I am not quiet I’m talking to either my family or friends. I use a lot of technology, mainly in my free time. One of my passions is Video games, which is something I also like to do in my free time. Water is my favourite drink, as I am not a big fan of soft drink. I don’t usually play the xylophone but I have played it before. When I am at a $2.00 shop I like to use the Yo – Yo’s which are really fun! In the movie “Madagascar” one of my favourite characters is Marty the Zebra.


  1. Hi Peter,
    I’m Sam (Nick’s friend).I really enjoy your writing and blog posts.I also like Goosebumps and Lego too.also What LEGO sets do you have?


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