Clean up Australia day

Today, our whole school participated to tidy our school for “Clean up Australia day”. To celebrate, we had to wear our old clothes or dress up in a costume. We cleaned up our environment so there was no pollution, to make our school look nice and so there wasn’t any germs. It is also nice to have a clean and healthy area. Overall, I think that we did a pretty good job at cleaning! 🙂



  1. Hello Peter
    I think that it is awesome your school did ¨Clean up Australia day¨ In the state where I live we have something like that also. We call it Green Up Day. We do the same thing basically but the only different thing is that we do not do it with our school. For us it has not happened yet but it is on May 3rd I believe. Today is April 27th.

    When you do ¨Clean up Australia day¨ does all of Australia do it or is it just your school?

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    Thank you

    1. Hi Kendall!
      When we did ‘Clean up Australia day’ the whole school participated in it.
      I hope you had fun on green day! 🙂

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